Monday, October 15, 2012

Wowee, Maui!

img_0871_0074My trip to Maui with my son was both frantic and fantastic!  Well, actually the frantic part was just the first 24 hours.  After arriving in Maui, we had to quickly rent a car, stash our golf clubs in the car, park it and then go through TSA line (again), and run and catch our flight to Honolulu.  The next morning we had to catch a 7:00 shuttle to Pearl Harbor, then a shuttle back to the hotel and then a cab back to the airport by 12 noon.  Then through the TSA line again where they confiscated my toothpaste that had already made it through two previous inspections!

The fantastic part started when we hit our hotel on the west coast of Maui where we had a corner room that both looked out west across the Pacific to the Hawaiian island of Molokai and to the north and east up into the beautiful volcanic mountains!  My son Brad had never been to Maui or actually had an extended vacation, so he had doubts when I had told him what to expect----sumptuous seafood, fantastic vistas, friendly people (aloha!), unbelievable golf and the mesmerizing pull of the ocean!  He wound up repeatedly telling me that EVERYTHING far exceeded his expectations.  Heck, I even got to do two things that I had never done before; snorkel and jet-ski---what a blast for a 71 year old guy!  I brought back things for my wife and grandkids.  Sorry I didn’t bring you anything!~Ron

Photos of Ron’s trip

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