Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reality TV From the Surface of Mars

Mars by NASAI don’t really care for or watch reality TV, for life itself is real enough for me.  However, I believe that this guy has hit upon a great idea to finance his idea....don’t you know that a network would pay huge bucks for the TV rights to such a venture!  The ads that they would be able to sell would make the super bowl ads pale in comparison.  That being said, I think Lansdorp is overly optimistic when he states “All the technology we need exists already – or nearly exists.”  The logistics of such a venture are HUGE;  I say HUGE!!!  My gut feeling is that he is seeking publicity; maybe planning for another venture that is more realistic.  Time will tell, but I probably won’t be alive to see it...... if it happens.

Reality TV for the Red Planet - New York Times

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