Wednesday, December 18, 2013


IMG_0007I went to Central Market on Saturday (12/7) on slippery, icy streets and bought a big, beautiful Fraser fir Christmas tree.  The grandkids helped us decorate it the next day and it looked great!  However, two days later, all the lights suddenly went out.  I got lucky, as it was the bottom string (1 of 5), but still had to carefully remove it from all the ornaments that hung in front of it; then put a new string on behind the ornaments.  Two days later, it began to smell and the ends of branches were curling.  Friday(12/13), I called the manager at Central Market and explained my situation.  I went back that afternoon and he gave me a new tree (pickings were slim, but wound up with another big tree.  He even gave me the nice base that was on the tree and a $25 gift card.

Friday night I had to take all of the lights and decorations off (what a job!)  Saturday morning, a neighbor helped me carry the “old” tree out to the curb, and I commented that I bet nobody had ever put their tree out nearly two weeks before Christmas – must be a Guinness world record!  Then he also helped me carry in and set up the new tree – did I mention that it was big?  Then I had to put all the lights and decorations on the new tree!  Now would you believe that two days later, all the lights went out on the new tree!  Again, it turned out to be the bottom string, but I had to go through the same process as I did with the first tree – remove and replace the string!  What are the odds?????

Well anyway, I have tried to determine what all this means and the only thing that I can think of, is that Santa is mad at me!!


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